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    Top 5 At-Home Keratin Treatments for Smooth, Straight, Frizz-Free Hair

    From Most Natural to Most Effective, These 5 Keratin Treatments Can Help Straighten and Smoothen Hair While Repairing Damage

    Beast Mode in a Bottle

    By Kimberly Webber

    We Discovered the Best At-Home Keratin Treatments for YOU and Ranked Our Top 5 Favorites.

    (COSMO) - From frizz that just won't quit to curls that seem to have a mind of their own, we've all been there, right? I’ve personally been a victim of spending hours trying to straighten out the kinks, but it seems like my locks always have a mind of their own.

    For years, I've been researching for the perfect solution to achieve that effortlessly sleek, smooth look. And I’ve finally cracked the code. The key to unlocking the hair of my dreams lies in the power of keratin

    Keratin treatments have been the secret weapon of many for defying frizz and getting silky, straight hair. But, for those of us who crave salon-worthy results without breaking the bank or sacrificing our precious time, at-home keratin treatments are the ultimate solution. 

    With a ton of options in the market, how would you know which ones are worth trying? That’s where we come in!

    We’ve tested dozens of at-home keratin treatment products and summarized our TOP FIVE choices so you could save time and money. 

    Let’s get started!


    Effectiveness: 95%

    Safety: 100%

    Price: $

    Overall: A+ 

    This is by far our favorite for achieving smooth, straight, and frizz-free hair that lasts up to 6 months with no formaldehyde and zero harsh chemicals (plus points for a hair-loving formula). Liaison’s Brazilian KeratinBond Treatment features a KeratinBond Complex™ which supplies each strand with essential building blocks to repair strength and structure, creating a smooth, straight look and restoring natural shine. Conditioning ingredients, including Keratin and Lanolin, bond to each strand to make your hair less reactive to humidity and prevent flyaways and frizz while acting as a moisturizer to help soften and protect the hair all day. Best of all, it was the only product on our list offering a secret 50% discount link, making it one of the most affordable options in the market.

    By far, Liaison Brazilian KeratinBond is the safest and most effective treatment for smooth, straight hair.


    Effectiveness: 85%

    Safety: 85%

    Price: $

    Overall: B+

    This keratin mask from CristalBox uses natural ingredients to repair damage while keeping hair smooth. We do like this product, but we feel like you can’t get the blowout results you would expect from Liaison and other brands. If you just need a deep conditioner to treat your strands, this would be a good, and affordable option. 


    Effectiveness: 85%

    Safety: 90%

    Price: $


    This hair mask promises to restore, repair, and condition your hair. We love that it’s also free from any parabens and sulfates! However, it’s more of a maintenance product than an all-in-one solution, unlike Liaison. Unfortunately, while it did help with hydration and smoothness, our reviewers said it didn’t do much for the frizz. If you want to add a step to your usual hair care routine for extra moisture, this is one to try.


    Effectiveness: 80%

    Safety: 75%

    Price: $$

    Overall: C

    This straightening keratin treatment gave us smooth and silky locks for the first 3 weeks to a month. We noticed a slight straightening, but nothing like the other brands we tried. However, the formula isn’t as long-lasting as we expected. The smell also isn’t as pleasing unlike the others we tried, which is pretty common with most potent hair treatments.


    Effectiveness: 90%

    Safety: 85%

    Price: $$

    Overall: B

    We love how this treatment didn’t require a flat iron, but it could also be why the straightening effect didn’t last that long. The formula was packed with nourishing ingredients and it definitely helped smoothen and soften our hair. However, for the same results, we feel like Liaison did an even better job at giving us frizz-free and silky-straight hair.

    Why We Chose Liaison Brazilian KeratinBond Treatment

    While we believe that we recommended some great keratin treatments to repair damage, tame the frizz, and create beautifully straight and smooth hair, Liaison’s product was the top choice. We wanted to talk further with our investigative reporter Stephanie Marianne who helped finalize our list and how Liaison’s Brazilian KeratinBond Treatment worked for her.

    Stephanie tells the story. 

    Personally, I never believed in at-home hair treatments. If it’s about hair, I’d go to the salon. “They're called experts for a reason”, I used to tell my friends. Apart from the daily shampoo and conditioner, too many of them have been tricked into buying some hyped-up treatment or trending concoction just to find out it’s a waste of money.
    So I’ve avoided it at all costs.

    But then my best friend, who I trust with my life, swore by Liaison’s Brazilian KeratinBond Treatment. She’s had such an amazing hair glow-up –smooth, straight, and unbelievably shiny. I always thought she had it professionally done because she used to put all her hair in a bun to hide her frizz and wave (although I remember the frizz would still poke out no matter how “sleek” she tried to do her bun). The moment I finally confronted her about it and told me it was Liaison, my jaws dropped to the floor.

    I never really cared for my hair that much myself. As I mentioned, I’d usually go to the salon. But I admit, the cost was getting out of hand and I still felt like my hair looked meh. After the shocking revelation from my best friend, I begged her to let me borrow her KeratinBond Treatment. Instead, she gave me a secret 50% discount link, and ordered immediately.

    I got my package just two days later and followed the instructions. I started by cleansing my hair with an anti-residue shampoo to remove any buildup. After towel drying my hair to about 80% dryness, I sectioned it off and applied the Brazilian KeratinBond Treatment evenly from roots to ends. After leaving the treatment to sit for 30-40 minutes, I rinsed out the product and blow-dried my hair. I then took my flat iron at 400F and straightened my hair 15-20 times for each strand.

    How Does Liaison Brazilian KeratinBond Treatment Work?

    Unlike other treatments or products, I saw immediate results. My hair looked effortlessly beautiful, even better than coming home from my other salon treatments! My hair felt smoother, softer, and definitely straighter! My frizz was gone and the formula left my hair with a gorgeous shine. 

    My full head of hair felt restored! I started digging deeper to find out how Liaison’s Brazilian KeratinBond Treatment works and how it differentiates itself from other keratin treatments. And it’s all thanks to their unique KeratinBond Complex™

    Liaison’s Secret To Results… KeratinBond Complex™

    Deep Cleansing


    The journey to silky, smooth hair begins with Liaison’s Brazilian KeratinBond Treatment's first step - relaxing the hair shaft. This process clears build-up and opens up the hair cuticles, setting the stage for the transformative treatment to penetrate deeply and work effectively.

    The Smoothing Miracle


    Next, the formula targets each strand, from roots to ends, initiating the smoothing process that tames frizz, enhances shine, and softens your hair, all while preserving its natural volume and texture.

    Sealing the Goodness


    The final flourish involves blow-drying and flat-ironing your hair, which activates the unique blend of ingredients. This step is crucial for sealing in the treatment, ensuring long-lasting smoothness, and providing an extra layer of protection against future damage. The result is effortlessly manageable, beautifully vibrant hair that reflects your inner confidence and grace.

    Some of the unique blend of nourishing ingredients include:

    Ingredient 1: Keratin

    The building block of hair, keratin in our formula reinforces hair structure, enhancing strength and elasticity for resilient, revitalized locks.

    Ingredient 2: Lanolin

    A natural wax derived from sheep's wool. It acts as a moisturizer and emollient, helping to soften and protect hair.

    Ingredient 3: Mica

    A natural mineral that imparts a subtle shimmer, adding a radiant sheen and luminosity to your hair, elevating its overall appearance.

    Did It Finally Work?

    After just one try, my hair is healthier, softer, and stick straight. It’s been 4 months since I tried it and my hair still feels like I just got a professional Brazilian blowout. It’s so manageable and tangle-free, that I barely have to comb my hair anymore. I’m simply amazed at how good my hair looks and feels now.

     I’ve been converted into a Brazilian KeratinBond believer, and I recommend you try it!

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      Lily Johnson

      Absolutely transformed my hair! 

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      Chloe Williams

      Finally found a product that tames my unruly mane. My hair feels healthier and looks stunning!

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      Grace Martinez

      Impressed with the results! I got all my friends hooked on this, too!

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      Madison Brown

      Obsessed with how soft and luscious my hair feels after just one session!

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      Ava Davis

      My hair has never looked better. This is your sign to try this or waste money on salon treatments that are full of promises.

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      Natalie Rodriguez

      My husband says my hair feels like silk! 

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      Hannah Taylor

      I've tried many keratin treatments, but this one is by far the best.

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      Zoe Anderson

      Tried this because of a friend, and we’re Liaison fans now! Excited to try their other products.

      Reply 7 9:58
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      Emily Thomas

      Never imagined I’d get the results I’ve always wanted by doing it myself. I guess you just need the right product to make that happen. Haha

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      Mia Jackson

      My hair guy will for sure miss me since I’m only going back to the salon for cuts moving forward ever since I’ve discovered this.

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