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    Revealed: The Secret to Naturally Growing Your Eyelashes 117% Longer and Thicker - In 4 Weeks or Less!

    This report was created by Cosmopolitan to expose why make up artists are drooling over a new breakthrough eyelash growth product

    Beast Mode in a Bottle

    By Kimberly Webber

    IF you're tired of having short, start or stubby eyelashes, and want to grow your lashes longer naturally (without fake lashes or extensions) then this will be the most exciting article you read all day!

    (COSMO) - Have you ever found yourself in this embarrassing situation? You’re dressed to the nines and out with your friends. All of a sudden, you feel an itch on your eyelid. You freeze for a moment, then you realize what’s going on: Your fake lashes are starting to fall off... and you left your glue at home.

    Since the beginning of time, women with longer lashes have been seen as more feminine and youthful. Lengthy, dark lashes not only make your eyes look bigger and brighter, they also make you feel more beautiful and confident. And contrary to popular belief, the first thing most men notice about you are NOT your breasts. It’s actually your eyes!

    However, if you’re like most women who are not genetically blessed with long lashes, you typically have to resort to fake lashes. Getting these to stick properly is a tremendous hassle. Not to mention, the glue in fake lashes is one of the leading causes of bacterial eye infections in women.

    The other option is getting eyelash extensions from your salon. However, these may put a dent in your bank account (the price is typically $200 to $1,000 for both eyes) and require long-term maintenance. Extensions can make your eyes look even worse once they start falling out and you’re left with long lashes in random places.

    The good news is, there’s a now a breakthrough serum that naturally grows your eyelashes longer - safely and permanently. Make up artists are amazed at this “miracle” solution because it really works to grows out your eyelashes without any hassle or hefty price tags.

    It’s called Lash Renew and it can transform your eyes in a matter of weeks. Imagine your lashes growing so long, thick and beautiful you won’t even have to use mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, or any make up for that matter- ever again. You’ll save hours of makeup time each week and always stand out from other women with short lashes.

    We know that’s a bold claim, so we don’t ask you to believe anything we write. Read on for proof and real user reviews of this “miracle” eyelash growth solution, then make your own well-reasoned conclusion.

    New 2015 Research Reveals A Breakthrough in Eyelash Growth

    Most women believe eyelash lengths are fixed at birth and they stop growing during our adult years. However, recent research reveals this is just a myth. Believe it or not, your lashes can grow longer at any age. You simply need the right nutrients.

    Lash Renew has been proven to grow your lashes twice as long in under a month!

    That’s where Lash Renew comes in. Lash Renew is an innovative eyelash growing serum that aids in nourishing the roots of lashes, to help you own luxurious, thick and dense eye lashes in a short time span. It adds glamour to beauty, helping you stay young and beautiful in the long run.

    How Lash Renew Works

    This product works almost “magically” to provide natural length and thickness to your lashes. It contains anti inflammatory properties, which stimulates your eyelash follicles to grow. It darkens the lash color, making it more dense, and adding accent your eyes.

    Lash Renew ingredients include...

    Equisetum Giganteum Extract - a natural remedy for hair loss
    Ryza Bran oil - used as a hair conditioning agent
    Coconut oil - proven to help hair grow thicker and fuller
    Biotin - a B vitamin essential for hair growth
    Vitamin C - involved in collagen formation, crucial for healthy hair follicles

    Lash Renew has been clinically proven to provide you the following benefits:

    Long lasting results
    Enhanced appearanceLonger and thicker lashes
    Attractive brows
    Rejuvenated and nourished lashes
    Get stronger and bigger lashes
    Works effectively on the brows

    How to Use Lash Renew

    Lash Renew is easy and hassle free to use. It takes less than 5 minutes to apply and transforms your eyelashes in less than 30 days.

    The recipe to regrow longer, stronger eyelashes is simple:

    Step 1 – First, wash your face and make sure to remove all the eye makeup
    Step 2 – Apply the liquid at the base of the hair, such as that of the upper and lower eyelid
    Step 3 – Use it once in a daytime, preferably in the evening for the best results

    This product is completely safe and used by our followers, famous celebrities, and models around the world. Although Lash Renew has been featured before in many beauty magazines, we created this special report because free trials are finally back in the United States!

    "This powerful system is unbeatable and the results are simply incredible!"

    Actual Cosmopolitan Subscriber Story

    Kaitlyn, a long time Cosmo reader sent us her results using on a daily basis. She just graduated college and wanted longer eyelashes while job hunting, as studies have shown that having longer lashes will actually increase your chance of being hired. Kaitlyn ordered online and and journaled her results below:

    To be perfectly honest, I am extremely skeptical about this product. However, I’ve tried literally everything else out there (from fake lashes to salon extensions) and the results were either non-existent or came with annoyances that simply made it not worth the cost. Currently, I’m using fake lashes which look fake and irritates my eye. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to stick glue near your eyes. Keeping my fingers crossed Lash Renew works!

    It’s been 1 week since I started using Lash Renew. I am amazed at the results My lashes look longer already. I’ve kept my daily routine (diet, habits, make up) completely the same so that there aren’t any outside factors affecting the outcome. I’ve noticed that my lashes are thicker and they don’t fall out as much anymore. They also look and feel a lot healthier in general. I haven’t experienced any negative side effects yet either, so overall I’m feeling pretty excited about what this product can do – I will update you in a week!

    I am obsessed! Not only did my lashes grow almost twice as long now (in 2 weeks), but they’re darker and much stronger as well. My girlfriends are starting to notice and asking my where I got my extensions. They are shocked when I tell them I’m using an all natural solution. Instead of side effects, I’m finding unexpected benefits, like saving time doing my makeup before going out. It’s also much easier and faster to create more dramatic looks with my eyes, like smoky eyes. I’m definitely going to keep using this product.

    I AM SHOCKED THIS WORKS SO WELL. Everybody is complimenting me on my lashes – and I keep getting asked if they’re real! I can’t even explain how much has changed my life. I’m more confident now and SO much happier with how my eyes look! My lashes have at least doubled in length. After seeing my dramatic results, my mom, sisters, and even my hairdresser started taking this and they’re already seeing a difference. I finally have the amazing eyes that I always dreamed of but could never achieve! THANK YOU !!


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