These are the Top 7 Most Effective Eyelash Enhancer Serums for Eyelashes in 2022

    Everyone dreams of long, luscious eyelashes and defined eyebrows. 

    For the longest time, there were only two ways to get beautifully long eyelashes: either you were born with them (thanks Mom and Dad!) or you had to fake it, either with thick mascaras or fake eyelashes. The latter options both have a few pros, but mainly cons. They’re expensive, they don’t last, and often can result in hurting your own eyelashes, making them thinner and more brittle. 

    Thankfully, the growing popularity of eyelash growth serums has helped people stop ruining their eyelashes, and instead helped them become healthier and thicker. Obviously the first question everyone has when hearing about eyelash growth serums is, “do they work?” and we’re here to answer, positively, yes! 

    Essentially, eyelash serums are a cocktail of healthy nutrients, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to help condition your eyelashes and promote healthier growth. 

    So which eyelash serum is the right one for you? There are dozens of potential choices to try out, all with varying formulas to guarantee the highest possible results. However, it’s hard to judge which eyelash serums work and don’t work, especially because it often takes up to three weeks to start seeing results. And when results take that long, it can be hard to have the patience to see if the eyelash serum you chose is effective. 


    Mariam Wilkenson

    Senior Research Editor

    For this ranking list, we compiled some of the highest rated eyelash serums on the market including Woolash, Revitalash, and Liaison. These reviews should help you find the right eyelash serum for you. 

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    Liaison has it all, a good value, safe ingredients, and (brace yourself) it works! We tried Liaison after we found the 50% off code SECRET50. We gave it a six-week trial and found our journalist Stephanie Marianne’s eyelashes to have a fuller, longer look. The ingredients are natural and don’t cause irritation or burning, and the instructions are straightforward and simple. It’s really the best of everything packed into one product. Effectiveness, safety, and value all rolled into one.

    Our journalist and panelist of eyelash testers all experienced growth within the first three weeks, and full effectiveness by the 2 month mark. Their secret is their Hair Bond growth serum that’s loaded with peptides and nutrients that strengthen each hair follicle as it stimulates growth. 

    Liaison is our top choice!

    Liaison Pros

    The most affordable deal of all ten products

    Effective and fast results.

    Cruelty free and suitable for vegans

    Special Hair Bond ingredients that no other brand offers.

    Only need to apply once a day

    Highly rated, a lot of positive reviews.


    Money back manufacturer’s guarantee

    Liaison Cons

    Very affordable, but would love a bulk size!

    50% off discount code SECRET50 is for a limited time.

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    Compared to other conditioners, it is on the pricey side. Something like Liaison Lash Bond Growth Serum is at least half the price and similar ingredients but there are still positive results with Revitalash. Usually products like these take a while to see results or have some weird side effects. With RevitaLash, I started to see results after about four weeks, which is a little longer than other brands offer.  

    The applicator was small enough to apply to lashes and avoid the eyelid. The formula is also oil-free which means you can use it with eyelash extensions, since extensions require glue, and oil makes it harder for a substance like glue to stick. The oil-free element is advertised as a good choice for vegans, although vegans wouldn’t be using glue, ha. 

    There are other lash conditioners or serums out there that are supposed to offer more curl but this one doesn’t really advertise that. So maybe that’s a con for some but that’s what eyelash curlers are for. When putting anything near your eye, quality control is important and this brand states that RevitaLash has been reviewed by ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

    Revitalash Pros

    Reviewed by ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

    Oil-free to make it easier to apply to extensions. 

    Has won awards.

    Revitalash Cons

    Very expensive for the amount of product in each bottle.

    Reviews has reported allergic reactions.

    Not suitable for pregnant women.

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    If you’re looking for a real winner, and willing to pay the high price, Latisse  has been clinically proven to grow eyelashes. It is produced by Allergan and is medically used to treat hypotrichosis, a technical term for having too few eyelashes. Of course, “too few” is subjective in the beauty world. 

    With consistent use, users report seeing longer lashes after four months. However, Latisse is not made to thicken lashes, just to help make eyelashes grow. Though a small difference, if you already have a fair amount of eyelashes, but are looking for that extra boost, Latisse may be a hard sell. For those who see results, usually mascara is still needed.

    Latisse is FDA approved which makes it stand out on the market. Bimatoprost is the active ingredient in Latisse where other lash products use different types of peptides, conditioners and enzymes. Latisse Eyelash Serum is best suited for people that don’t have sensitive skin or tend to have allergic reactions since some of the side effects can be eyelid irritation or eye color discoloration. Although, those effects can also come from sloppy application of the product. Unfortunately, once you stop applying Latisse, your lashes will eventually go back to their normal growth rate. 

    RapidLash Pros

    Conditions and moisturizes lashes

    Doesn't contain paraben

    Comes with a 60-day guarantee

    Reasonably priced

    RapidLash Cons

    Contains a hormone-based ingredient

    May take up to 12 weeks or more to see results

    May cause eye irritation and discoloration and changes in iris color

    Based on customer reviews, prolonged usage may dry out the lashes

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    Rodan + Fields is one of the main contenders for top eyelash growth serum. But while many people swear by its effectiveness, others warn of serious side effects. Is this product worth the risk? That may be up to you! The eyelash serum has received rave reviews from some, but it also was hit with a legal suit for forgetting to mention the side effects of one of its main ingredients isopropyl cloprostenate, a type of medicine meant to help with glaucoma. While it’s what can help your eyelashes grow, it can also result in change(s) in iris color, eyelid drooping, itchy eyes, eye/lid discoloration, thinning and loss of eyelashes/loss of eyelash hair, eye sensitivity, eye infections, and vision impairment… yikes! 

    For $150, Rodan + Fields is also one of the more expensive eyelash serums on the market. But trust us, for those who don’t experience the side effects (and that is the majority of people) it is a very effective serum. The active ingredients not only help grow the lashes but provide essential nutrients to keep them healthy and strong. 

    Rodan + Fields must be doing something right because they’re one of the top selling eyelash serum brands in the market. You don’t get that with side effects. The proof is in the pudding, well, actually in the ingredients. The company relies on strong and effective ingredients that are proven to work. You’ll find with some brands, they promise a lot with “alternative” or “natural” ingredients. Translation: you’re putting castor oil on your eyelashes. Rodan + Fields on the other hand uses ingredients scientifically proven to work. Of course, as we said, some of those ingredients can have nasty side effects. 

    Rodan + Field Pros

    Almost guaranteed length after 3-4 months.

    Liquid solution is easily applied.

    Strong, effective ingredients.

    Rodan + Fields Cons

    Can cause irritation or discoloration.

    Growth stops after usage.

    Cost is on the higher side compared to other products.

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    You’ll find that NourishLash has some familiar ingredients like peptides and botanical extracts, but the active ingredient of biotin is what sets this serum apart. Biotin taken as a supplement has long been known to increase hair and nail growth but there is evidence that it can be applied externally such as, you guessed it, to eyelashes! 

    As their website explains, this serum works on the lash follicles, conditioning and strengthening the roots to create a protective barrier around the lash itself. So they don’t claim to extend the lashes, rather, it creates stronger and more durable lashes. It’s more of a protective measure which helps prevent breakage, and thus, creating fuller lashes.

    The brand’s website suggests that users see results starting at two weeks but based on our general experience with products like this, it will really take three or four weeks. We found that a lot of customers that liked NourishLash often use more natural beauty products where results are subtle but safe. Whether that’s castor oil, coconut oil for the DIY approach. If you’re focused on a healthy and safe option for significant lash growth, rather than just protection, we recommend Liaison Lash Bond, which uses multiple natural nutrients and peptides to help build amazingly long lashes. 

    NourishLash Pros

    Nourishes the hair follicle to support lash condition and lash growth

    The company includes a comprehensive ingredient list on its website

    90-day money back guarantee

    NourishLash Cons

    Subtle results.

    Only available on USA website but ships internationally.

    Serum can leak out of bottle if not closed right.

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    NeuLASH is a slightly newer contender in the eyelash serum game. It’s on our list because of its positive reviews and claims of effectiveness. However, like many of these serums, they may be effective but the cost can sometimes slow us down when at the checkout. Of course, the real questions are, “can you afford it,” and “what are longer, more luscious eyelashes worth to you?” That’s are two answers that can be almost different for every customer. 

    NeuLASH Enhancing Serum comes at about the same price as Rodan & Fields… $150 for a bottle. However, many also claim that NeuLASH Enhancing Serum can be used up faster than many of its contenders. We think that may be from how well the serum applies to your eyelashes. It’s a great consistency for a serum, but can end up meaning more serum evenly distributed. That said, those who do use it do claim that it works. The main ingredient is sodium hyaluronate, which is a very strong ingredient for moisturizing, locking in hydrating, and helping build stronger, healthier lashes. They also use pumpkin seed extract, which helps keep eyelashes thick and luminous. These two ingredients aren’t used often in eyelash serums, which may help customers that haven’t found success in the past. 

    That said, what many customers claim as effectiveness may not be the same kind of effectiveness as other products. Say what? I know, it's confusing. But even though reviews are positive, many customers claim it doesn’t make their eyelashes as long as some of the other products they’ve used in the past. So if length is your main goal, NeuLASH Enhancing Serum may not be right for you. If your goal is consistently HEALTHY lashes that are strong and thick, then you may have a winner. 

    NeuLash Pros

    Claims of strong effectiveness.

    Uses ingredients many other products don’t use if you haven’t found success in the past.

    Great for customers looking for healthier, thicker lashes. 

    NeuLash Cons

    On the more expensive side

    While effective, longer lashes is not a clear result. 

    Will not get a lot of use out of one bottle.

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    LASHFOOD by Phyto-Medic has received good reviews on the whole. LASHFOOD has both serums for eyelashes and eyeliners, which both use their Phyto-Medic Growth Bond. LASHFOOD claims the Growth Bond to be a, “Revolutionary herbal extracts clinically proven to prevent hair loss & trigger regrowth of lashes. But without seeing what actual ingredients are in their Growth Bond it’s hard to know if it actually works. 

    LASHFOOD is slightly more affordable in the list of more top-tier brands like Rodan + Fields and NeuLASH. But many reviews still claim that the result is not worth the price. That depends on what kind of results you’re looking for. Without knowing the true ingredients behind LASHFOOD’s Phyto-Medic Growth Bond, it’s hard to tell if this product is actually effective, or if it helps in other ways.

    The only ingredient we noticed on their ingredient list that may help was Soy Protein. Soy is great for hair and lashes, it can help boost the strength of the follicle while giving it a brighter luster. So while your lashes may not grow as long as you like, they may be shining more, which could give the appearance of more luscious lashes. The question is, does it matter? Are you happy with your lashes? Did LASHFOOD make them shine? If so, this product is totally worth it. In terms of the science though, we just can’t tell you if it will make your lashes grow longer. 

    Lashfood Pros

    Soy proteins give you lashes a wonderful luster.

    Many positive reviews.

    Lashfood Cons

    The unspecified ingredients of their main ingredient make it hard to judge if it would work.

    Lack of science behind product.

    Still on the expensive side.

    Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner
    Latisse Eyelash Serum
    Rodan + Fields Lash Boost
    Nourishlash Growth Serum
    Lashfood By Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer