What is the Difference Between RevitaLash Double-Ended Volume Set (and Similar Products) vs. Liaison's Mascara Bond? Here’s the Answer…

Beast Mode in a Bottle

By Kimberly Webber

What Will Help You Grow Your Eyelashes Longer Than Ever Before While Also Styling Them? Between RevitaLash Double-Ended Volume Set and Liaison's Mascara Bond There Are Some Big Differences. Here's What to Know...

(COSMO) - I remember when I was a little girl looking at my mother’s eyelashes, clumped together like fat spider legs and thinking I never wanted my eyelashes to look like that. Fast forward and I’m struggling everyday to live out that promise. Hundreds of mascaras on the market, and I still somehow have trouble finding one that gives me the look of long, luscious lashes without clumping, bleeding, or just not doing the job. I just couldn’t help it…How do you find a mascara THAT WORKS?

And not only that... but what about a mascara that helps condition and grow your eyelashes to be longer than ever before?

Thankfully, mascara and eyelash growth serums combos are here!

But which ones actually work?

We decided to compare two of the most popular mascara growth serums Revitalash Double-Ended Volume Set and Liaison's Mascara Bond to show you the difference between a good and truly GREAT mascara growth serum.

Let's get started...


Like most eyelash serums, RevitaLash guarantees longer, healthier lashes in the matter of weeks. With a mix of peptides and nutrients. People have seen some success with the eyelash conditioner.

But it's not just an eyelash serum...

RevitaLash Double-Ended Volume Set includes both their eyelash serum and a mascara to appy after using the lash serum. The combo helps conditon your eyelashes while giving them that extra special push to look beautiful.

However, many report that RevitaLash is less of a growth serum and better as just a conditioner. And conditioners don't necessarily help grow your hair follicles, it only makes them healthier.

Of course, healthier hair follicles can promote growth and thickness by just the fact that the follicle lives longer and doesn't fall out as soon as it might if it was unhealthy.

But for true length and active new growth. You need a serum that not only conditons, but works hard to strengthen follicles for the longest growth possible while also activating dormant roots for additonal growth.

If you want an effective growth serum with mascara capabilities... You may want Liaison's Mascara Bond


Unlike RevitaLash, Liaison Mascara Bond is a 2-in-1 formula, so you're not applying both a serum and a mascara.

Instead, once you put on your mascara, their effective Growth Complex is also applied to your lashes.

Liaison Mascara Bond combines a list of powerful ingredients including nutrients, peptides, and antioxidants to trigger follicle growth at the roots while conditioning exisiting follicles for the longest-lasting lifetime a follicle can have. Most users begin to see results withing 3 weeks of use.

Most importantly, Liaison Mascara Bond offers a 50% discount code SECRET50 to all new users of their products


We wanted to talk further with our investigative reporter Stephanie Marianne, the first of our reviewers to discover Liaison Mascara Bond  and how it worked for her. Stephanie tells the story.

Personally, I never believed in the effectiveness of eyebrow serums. There’s a lot of brands out there claiming they work, but most don’t. I’ve had too many friends tricked into buying serums just to find out it’s a waste of money. So I’ve avoided it at all costs. 

But then my best friend, who I trust with my life, swore by Liaison’s Mascara Bond. She said it was her favorite mascara she’s ever used. The mascara distributed evenly throughout her lashes and stayed on all day. Best of all, she said she started using less because her lashes were growing and gaining volume because of the Growth Bond complex inside the mascara. 

 I, of course, didn’t believe her. But then she showed me her before and afters and I was stunned. Week by week, I could see her eyelashes getting healthier and longer. I begged her to let me borrow her Mascara Bond. Instead, she gave me the secret discount code for 50% off, SECRET50 and I ordered two bottles immediately.

I received the package within two days and started using it that evening for a night out. The application is like any other mascara. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t clump! I was so excited to see the Growth Complex start working and the next morning I, of course, expected a miracle… but alas, it takes longer than that to see results.


So while I waited, I looked into the science of Liaison. I wanted to know how it worked, and what it was aiming to do with my lashes…

Step 1: When you apply Liaison, a fresh supply of oxygen and citric acid work away at lash waste, releasing it through your pores to be washed away and clearing the way for nutrients.

Step 2: Our specialized mixture, including purified water and hyaluronic acid, activates internal peptides and gains access to follicles to prepare for bold growth.

Step 3: Polypeptides travel deep into your roots, supplying follicles with essential proteins throughout your day and while you sleep.

Step 4: Refreshed lash follicles continue to receive the optimal oxygen, blood flow, and dose of nutrients needed to keep lashes healthy and strong.

Did It Finally Work?

After about 3 weeks is when I began to notice the color of my lashes getting darker. 4 weeks and I noticed I didn’t have to apply as much mascara. By week 6, it was as if I was a totally different woman. 

Since then, I’ve continued to apply Mascara Bond and my lashes have only grown thicker and healthier. 

I’ve been converted into a Mascara Bond believer, and hope you will, too.

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    Maureen Ryz

    I've used liaison for months and LOVE IT!

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    Tina Madrame

    Used so many different lash "serums" but this is the only one that worked

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    Valerie DiPetrio

    My daughter put me onto this stuff and I love it, my lashes look fbulous

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    Eleanor Mouthy

    did ayone else receive two bottles instead of one? :D

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