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    Be Warned: Not All Eyelash Serums are Equal, and Some Include Serious Side Effects. We Asked a Doctor for Her Top Recommendation....

    Beast Mode in a Bottle

    By Kimberly Webber

    With customers reporting major side effects with certain eyelash serums, it's best to know what you're buying before making matters worse...

    (COSMO) - DENVER, CO –Customers around the country are flocking to social media trying to stop other women from using dangerous eyelash growth serums. Certain products, which claims to offer a solution to thicker and longer eyelashes, are leaving customers with some serious side effects.

    Often what companies report is that their serums are actually, “eyelash conditioning” serums, offering biotins, vitamins, keratin, and proteins. Unfortunately, they forget to mention that they can also contain potentially harmful ingredients. Chemicals that can cause serious side effects including eye irritation, eye inflammation, eye redness, white cysts, and macular edema.

    Avoid Harmful Ingredients in Eyelash Serums

    Many eyelash serums contain ingredients that are required, by the FDA, to be labeled as a drug.

    Compounds that were first used to help glaucoma patients and were later found to help promote eyelash growth. Doctors then began experimenting with these compounds and companies started to offer a “safe” solution for eyelashes.

    Unfortunately, many didn’t realize the side effects of these drugs. Because the drugs “affects the structure and function of the body” the FDA requires any company using the ingredient to label it as a drug. Some eyelash brands were not doing such, putting many customers in danger. 

    In fact, several brands are facing lawsuits for exactly that. Customers are suing the company for making their eyes worse than when they started.


    While some customers complain, doctors know their warnings won’t stop people from wanting longer, healthier lashes. So they’re recommending an alternative that is safer and more effective. Dr. Barabra Lanter, an ophthalmologist, gives her recommendation, 

    “We know that there’s dozens of alternatives that are safe for your lashes. However, most are a gamble when it comes to effectiveness. Many companies can claim longer lashes without providing any proof. I’ve worked with several, and have analyzed the ingredients of all, making sure to find a safe and effective serum to recommend to my patients. I always recommend Liaison Lash Bond, the most effective lash serum on the market, with the safest ingredients. 


    Liaison Lash Bond is known to be one of the most effective eyelash serums on the market with noticeable results within 4 weeks. Their ingredients list is clear and contains no harmful drugs that can cause serious side effects. Most importantly, it works better than any other eyelash growth serum on the market. And Liaison is currently offering 50% Off Discount Code SECRET50. 


    We wanted to find out if Liaison was as effective as Dr. Lanter has claimed. We talked further with our investigative reporter Stephanie Marianne on how Liaison Lash Bond worked for her. Stephanie tells the story.

    Personally, I never believed in the effectiveness of eyelash serums. There’s a lot of brands out there claiming they work, but most don’t. I’ve had too many friends tricked into buying serums just to find out it’s a waste of money. So I’ve avoided it at all costs.

    But then my best friend, who I trust with my life, swore by Liaison’s Lash Bond. She said it worked within 6 weeks. I, of course, didn’t believe her. But then she showed me her before and afters and I was stunned. Week by week, I could see her eyelashes getting healthier and longer. I begged her to let me borrow her Lash Bond. Instead, she gave me the secret Discount code for 50% off, SECRET50 (shhh... don't tell anyone) and I ordered two bottles immediately. 

    I received the package within two days and started using it that night. The application is very simple, a small amount across your eyelashes before you sleep. It feels like placing water on your eyelid. Of course, I woke up the next day expecting a miracle… but alas, it takes longer than that to see results.

    How Does Liaison Lash Bond Work?

    So while I waited, I looked into the science of Liaison. I wanted to know how it worked, and what it was aiming to do with my lashes…

    Step 1: When you apply Liaison, a fresh supply of oxygen and citric acid work away at lash waste, releasing it through your pores to be washed away and clearing the way for nutrients.

    Step 2: Our specialized mixture, including purified water and hyaluronic acid, activates internal peptides and gains access to follicles to prepare for bold growth.

    Step 3: Polypeptides travel deep into your roots, supplying follicles with essential proteins throughout your day and while you sleep.

    Step 4: Refreshed lash follicles continue to receive the optimal oxygen, blood flow, and dose of nutrients needed to keep lashes healthy and strong.

    Did It Finally Work?

    After about 3 weeks is when I began to notice the color of my lashes getting darker. 4 weeks and I noticed I didn’t have to apply as much mascara. By week 6, it was as if I was a totally different woman. 

    Since then, I’ve continued to apply and my lashes have only grown thicker and healthier. The amount of money I save on mascara from having to use less product is now used for Lash Bond. 

    I’ve been converted into a lash serum believer, and hope you will, too.

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      Maureen Ryz

      I've used liaison for months and LOVE IT!

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      Tina Madrame

      Used so many different lash "serums" but this is the only one that worked

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      Valerie DiPetrio

      My daughter put me onto this stuff and I love it, my lashes look fbulous

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      Eleanor Mouthy

      did ayone else receive two bottles instead of one? :D

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