If You Want Perfect Eyebrows, These 5 TikTok Viral Products Are For You!

    Beast Mode in a Bottle

    By Kimberly Webber

    We found the most viral products on TikTok for sparse and thinning eyebrows. Here are the best ones...

    (COSMO)聽-聽If you鈥檙e like me, then you鈥檙e constantly trying to improve your eyebrow game. From conditioning to tweezing, there鈥檚 nothing like walking out for the evening with perfectly shaped eyebrows that accentuate your eyes and make everyone turn their heads toward you.聽

    However, it鈥檚 harder than it sounds. How do you get the perfect eyebrows? What products do you use to make sure they look fabulous every day? I鈥檝e spent too much money on products that don鈥檛 work or are too frustrating to use.聽

    That's where TikTok comes in...

    I've noticed so many beauty reviewers and make up influencers recommending amazing products for the eyebrows. But of course, how do you know which ones are good products and which are duds? If I want thicker and fuller brows, I don't want to take a chance on something that might make them worse.

    So, with my team of beauty reviewers, we gathered all the top viral TikTok products to help give you fuller brows to find out what actually worked. Here's what we found...

    These are the five best eyebrow products that went VIRAL on TikTok...


    This was by far our favorite product we found on TikTok. Liaison's Microbabe Blade Pen

    The Microbabe Blade Pen is perfect for creating small hair-like strokes to create the illusion of thicker brows. However, the more you use it, the less you need it! Liaison products include a Growth Bond formila that actually activates roots and helps you grow thicker, fuller brows. The formula is packed with peptides and nutrients that stimulate hair growth and keep your follicles strong.聽We discovered Liaison also offers a 50% off secret discount code SECRET50, which made it not only the most effective product, it's also the most affordable.

    By far, Liaison Microbabe Blade Pen, is the safest and most effective eyebrow product EVER.

    USE CODE SECRET50 for 50% OFF

    While this is a lash product, it's also great for filling out eyebrows.... Why so many loved Maybelline鈥檚 mascara was because it's so under the radar. This is a simple drugstore find that many TikTok鈥檙s have been loving it for how well it works at such a low cost!聽 Similar mascaras are often two to three times as expensive. The non-flaking, non-smudging mascara is the perfect product for makeup bags and travel kits, too.聽


    An age old secret that many TikTok's love to talk about is Castor Oil. While there's dozens of products to refer to, Tiktok absolutely loves it. And to be fair, if you're looking for a cheap option that's natural, it's not a bad way to go!

    4. LATISSE

    Latisse is probably the most well-known eyelash and eyebrow serum on the market. It鈥檚 definitely one of the most expensive. For its effectiveness, it certainly has a hefty price tag, especially with results often being mixed. Some TikTok's claim it works wonders for their eyelashes, while many are left with lackluster results.


    Liaison is probably the best brow brand on the market, and we totally agree. Their Brow Bond is a daily serum that helps condition and grow your eyebrow hairs for amazing length and strength. Using a peptide formula that protects, hydrates, and stimulates hair growth will give you healthier brows that are easier to shape. TikTok LOVES Liaison and this is a big reason why...


    While we feel we recommended some great eyebrow products for fuller, darker brows, we believe Liaison's Microbabe Blade Pen was the top choice. We wanted to talk further with our reporter and makeup artist Stephanie Marianne who helped search TikTok and create the rankings list to see how Liaison鈥檚 Microbabe Blade Pen worked for her. Stephanie tells the story.

    Personally, I鈥檝e always had trouble shaping my brows. I have rather thin eyebrows, which isn鈥檛 a bad thing, I actually prefer them bushy and thick. I've always used pencils and mascara to fill them in, but that was never a long-term solution. I wasnted thicket brows naturally.

    Then, a co-worker and close friend came into work one day and I couldn鈥檛 help but admire her brows. They were thick and full and so dark! I asked her for her sercret and she showed me a Tiktok of a girl who posted her brow journey.

    It was incredible to see how quickly her brows went from thin to thick. It said she used the Microbabe Blade Pen to first fill out her eyebrows, and then let them naturally grow out.

    I begged my co-worker to let me try her Microbabe Blade Pen, but instead she told me to order my own with a secret 50% off discount code SECRET50.

    I received the package within two days and started using it that evening for a night out. The application is very simple, a few strokes across your brow to help add eyebrow lines that fill out the brow.

    But the best part...a combination of peptideas and nutrients activate the eyebrow root follicles to grow thicker and stronger within 4 weeks.

    It鈥檚 simple!

    How to Apply

    First slowly make stroke-like lines in the shape of your brow for a thicker and fuller look.

    Slowly brush out until the entire brow is filled. Use it every night you go out until you begin to notice more growth. Continue to use as needed.


    Best of all, after several weeks of use, I noticed my brows looked healthier and even thicker than ever before.

    I鈥檝e been converted into a Microbabe Blade Pen believer, and hope you will, too.

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      Maureen Ryz

      I've used liaison for months and LOVE IT!

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      Tina Madrame

      Used so many different brow "solutions" but Liaison and the microbabe are the only ones that worked

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      Valerie DiPetrio

      My daughter put me onto this stuff and I love it, my eyebrows look fbulous

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      Maria Marissa


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      Eleanor Mouthy

      did ayone else receive two tins instead of one? :D

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